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If you're looking for professional and safety-conscious Tree Surgeons, why not try R & M Lowther; an established, family run business based in Corby Hill, Cumbria.


As a father and son team we draw on many years of experience as timber merchants and sawmill owners and, more recently, providers of tree surgery and maintenance services.


If a tree on your land has become dangerous or a hindrance, don't hesitate to contact our experts.

Are you looking for reliable and regular firewood delivery service for the autumn and winter months? Look no further than R & M Lowther.


We use only wood that we have felled ourselves, and we ensure that all of it is stored in a dry environment to remove any moisture that remains.


At R & M Lowther we make wood delivery simple, so why no call us today?

Prompt & Reliable Firewood Delivery Service

Expert Tree Surgery in Carlisle, Cumbria

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